We’ve come a long way from the garage where we hand-built our first prototype, from the portable office next to the Fraser River and from escaping that same flooding river with our products strapped to our back.

What hasn’t changed, the drive to never give up, to be better, to be more. We are Keirton.

Innovation doesn’t come just from giving people incentives;
it comes from creating environments where their ideas can connect.


At Keirton, every obstacle is like a beacon of opportunity. Being a creator is not just a trending catch phrase. It’S bred in our culture. Whether you are developing A.I., crafting a new pitch deck, testing build quality or even knee deep in spreadsheet data,
opportunities to create are everywhere.

From a thoughtful donation, to recycling coffee filters, to something seemingly as small as a “hello, how are you?”, can all cause a ripple of change in someones life.

1.855.Keirton (1.855.534.7866)

Keirton Headquarters
9445 189th St.
Surrey, B.C V4N 5L8

Keirton USA Inc.
1400 Commerce Place,
Ferndale, WA 98248