At Keirton, we are world movers. We drive towards change not only in our daily work but also in our true belief that people are #StrongerTogether. 

With an awareness of the privileged position we are in, we look to leave the world in a better place. 

– Proud to Support –

Environmental awareness is an important part of our daily life and we help establish our consciousness around waste reduction from the very first day of joining our team by providing a reusable water bottle to be used at our office water dispensers.

Surrey and Ferndale headquarters make disposal of any material responsible: including recycling, composting, e-waste, wood recycling, garbage collection, and pallet recycling. With most of our engineering projects happening at the Surrey headquarters, we have special grade safe chemical disposal in place to keep our environment safe.

We are dedicated in helping with clean-up days within our neighbourhoods.

– A Word About Mental Health –

At Keirton, our core values and team culture are at the top of the list when it comes to establishing an environment that nurtures our individual and collective growth. We know how essential it is to consider all factors when it comes to putting our best foot forward. Most importantly, our mental well-being.


Since December 2019, Keirton has been working with the Canadian Mental Health Association to help all of our team members to become advocates and active resources for mental health. Specifically, the Not Myself Today (NMT) initiative, which connects people in the workplace with the topic of mental health and helps build empathy for those facing challenges or not feeling like themselves. With the help of the NMT ambassadors within Keirton, we’ve established a workplace that fosters a comfortable work environment.

The NMT Ambassadors of Keirton have put together initiatives that have provided all team members the tools they need to acknowledge any mental health topic. From organizing Mental Health Week in 2020, where they shared tips and personal experiences to navigate through different challenges we each face, to weekly inspirational quotes and mental health tips that help uplift each other on a regular basis. By equipping our NMT Ambassadors with the right materials, all members of the Keirton team have the opportunity to address any issues they may have in a setting they feel most comfortable in.


At the start of the COVID-19 Pandemic, we recognized the massive changes required for the common work environment and how essential it was to stay connected while being apart. Daily morning meetings were implemented in order to provide regular communication with each other while also using it as a means to check-in on how other team members were feeling physically and mentally with the use of green, yellow, or red status cues. This gave each team member an opportunity to flag any lingering issues that needed to be addressed or required further support from team leaders or fellow colleagues. While many members of our team that began working remotely, there was still a large cohort that was still working at our headquarters in Surrey and Ferndale. COVID-19 remains a top concern for all, however, it is not always easy to recognize just how much each individual is affected by the current situation. In order to clearly communicate levels of comfort for interactions within the workplace, we also implemented green, yellow, and red rubber bands to express these feelings before being approached. This has helped us immensely to ensure all workplace interactions are safe and respectful for all.

With Jay Evans, CEO of Keirton, being our biggest advocate for mental health awareness, we’ve had larger group initiatives led by Jay himself. By leading Totally Excellent Advice (T.E.A.) Talks, it allowed him to speak out on his personal experiences with mental health and how he has found the appropriate mechanisms to help find balance.


Guest speakers have also held multiple talks to provide further education and support on specific mental health topics in a group setting. Most notably, Writer, Counselor, and Educator Taraneh Erfan King of Mind On Spirit (

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