Q: What did you like the most about Keirton when you joined the company? 

Anida Soukhavong: Well before you guys even hired me, I was checking out your website and overall, I really enjoyed what I was looking at and reading. Keirton had a lot of good reviews; how the company grows together and helps people grow, so to me that was very interesting!  When I started, the first thing that I really liked was the vibe and the atmosphere when you first walk into the building. There is music playing, smiles all around and I liked hearing people laughing. It was very relaxed, so it’s very welcoming. The big plus for the company is how they deal with mental health. I’ve never had a company that talked about mental health, actually cared about their employees and helping them grow personally as well as professionally. So to me, that’s a big plus for Keirton. 

Q: Soon it’s going to be about one year since you joined us. What do love the most here? 

Anida Soukhavong: The people, the culture at Keirton and my leader. I have the best one.   

Q: When you say people, what do you mean?  

Anida Soukhavong: I guess when I say people, I am referring to everyone. Firstly, I know you guys are very selective about the individuals you choose to join Keirton, and I personally think you are doing a fantastic job with the variety of people, personalities and skillsets. The culture and what everyone brings to the table is just something that’s quite unique. I guess you don’t really have that in many other companies, or at least the ones I have worked at. Keirton is a much smaller group than what I’m used to working with compared to like 500 plus employees, so I feel like Keirton brings a family orientated vibe into the business, which I appreciate the most. 

Q: In terms of culture, what do you think would be a few words that define the culture here? 

Anida Soukhavong: Knowledgeable and fun. Keirton knows where it’s at!

Q: What about your professional or personal needs, would you think that Keirton  is hitting the mark? 

Anida Soukhavong: Yes. I have gone through some tough personal things at the beginning of my employment with Keirton, plus being very sick and so yes, Elena, you and Keirton have hit every mark for me personally, as well as work-related so far. When things get stressful, I just come and talk to you and you always put me in a very good spot, you remind me to just relax and we’ll get through it. If things don’t work out, they don’t work out. Some things that were hard for me personally I know most employers would scold you for, but Keirton has never done that. It’s reassuring and a great feeling to know that your team is in your corner.

Q: What’s your biggest dream at Keirton? What do you want to achieve, and it feels like you may be able to achieve in the next few years? 

Anida Soukhavong: It depends if there’s a new position available, obviously. I would like to go for something like Office Management, an HR position or Marketing. Keirton talks a lot about helping people grow so I would like to utilize Keirton to help me learn something I have always been interested in, which is Graphic design and bits of Marketing. I feel like I can incorporate those skills into my current role and the projects I want to pursue!

Q: What would you like to share with the people that are interested to join our team? 

Anida Soukhavong: Keirton is a very open company, very invested in its employees and invested in helping people grow! It shouldn’t have to feel like work every day when you come in. Family vibes all the way, we all take care of each other. 



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