Q: Thinking back to when you joined Keirton, what was it that made it interesting for you to want to join the company?

Cas Hill: Well, it started basically with my first introduction with them. I had answered an ad on Craigslist and it was formatted in a more silly way. I was in a silly mood. So I answered back and I feel it’s always kept that way, with a lighthearted atmosphere. And people are still being able to have a good time as well as get down to business and get the job done.

Q: How many years has it been since you joined us?

Cas Hill: I started in 2014

Q: Wow! That’s quite a while!

Cas Hill: Yeah.

Q: How do you think Keirton compares now to when you first joined?

Cas Hill: Well, we’ve gone through a lot of big changes, and major growth and stepping stones and everything else. I watched the company grow from something quite small into what it has flourished into today. It’s been awesome to be a part of the ride.

Q: What do you like most about working in production?

Cas Hill: Well, we work closely with the engineering team so we get to experiment with all the things they are experimenting with in terms of what customer requests are – revisions or add-ons for our products. We also get to participate in demo days and get our hands dirty with the machines actually in motion which is a really big thing I enjoy. Then, we get to participate in how many new up and coming products might be hitting the market. How they might look, and it’s just nice to know that our feedback is actually part of the process. 

Q: Thinking about all these years that you’ve been with the company, what would you say you are the proudest of? 

Cas Hill: How much we’ve grown as a whole and how many people are really part of the establishment now. As I said, when I started it was quite a small crew and now we are quite a large crew. It’s just really nice to have seen that happen and to see that really bloom to where it is today.

Q: What do you appreciate the most at Keirton? 

Cas Hill: That everyone’s approachable and it doesn’t matter if it’s the CEO or the brand new guys that just started yesterday. Everyone is happy to help everyone, everyone is there to just have a personal aspect with you. Whether you are talking to Jay or talking to yourself, Elena, or simply chatting with my fellow coworkers. There’s no fear of being able to talk to anyone. I love the fact that we still have a family mentality, we’re all in this together, we’re all in this to help each other out. 

Q:  Is there anything you would like to accomplish in the next few years?

Cas Hill:  I’d really like to see myself grow in not just the production atmosphere but as you know I’ve taken on a role within the customer success department and that’s been going great!  I’ve loved the opportunity to be able to go from A to B given that I don’t have any experience in it and they’re still willing to give me a shot. I love that about Keirton, that we’re not necessarily looking for new people. We’re trying to see what’s in our people already.

Q:  If you were to pass on a message to anyone interested to join Keirton, what would you tell them?

Cas Hill: Don’t hesitate. Pop your info in, give somebody a chat. Come on to the website chat with anyone. If you’ve stumbled upon us you know what it’s about, you might want to know more about it, and don’t hesitate. Take that leap and just take a few minutes and get to know everyone. Get to know the place.


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