Q: Thinking back at the time when you joined Keirton, what is it that made you interested in the company?

Jazzmin Cunningham: I actually joined Keirton and took a lower-level position than I had previously because it was a company where I was growing. They shared with me in the interview that there would be an opportunity to advance and to learn new skills and try new things. It was exactly what I was looking for and the culture was good. I remember walking in for my interview. It was lively and energetic and there was a youthful culture in its energy and excitement, not just in its employees’ age. That was exciting and it also seemed collaborative and engaging. It was just very connected and open. When I’m at work I want it to be somewhere enjoyable to be at. 

Q: How many years have you been with us?

Jazzmin Cunningham: I’ve been with Keirton for 4 years.

Q: How is Keirton now compared to when you started?

Jazzmin Cunningham: It is bigger but the growth hasn’t stopped. What I do today versus what I did 6 months ago and then 6 months before that – it’s constantly evolving and changing, which can push you outside of your comfort zone sometimes. You have the opportunity to grow as well. Sometimes we decide we need to do something different and we haven’t done it before and you just share with the company that you haven’t done it before. They just stand behind you and support you in growing yourself and then filling that need. Let’s grow, let’s learn together, let’s get there.

It’s more diverse in the functions within the company. There are so many positions and functions we have now that we didn’t do back then, which is great because you have so many new things to get involved in. It’s diversified and can keep you mentally challenged and stimulated.

The culture is the same and yet it’s different. It’s still fun and has a young energy and vibe, but it’s become more intentional with our effort for encouraging culture within the organization as a whole. We’ve brought in team events that we do quarterly and we do something offsite as a team.

Q: In terms of the finance team, what do you think is the most exciting thing?

Jazzmin Cunningham:  I think it is the constant change because finance can become repetitive often at other companies. On your first year, you feel challenged and then, after you’ve kind of mastered everything you do, there is nothing new coming down the pipe. So you get bored or unchallenged, but here what we need is so different all the time. There are opportunities to try new things, to learn, to grow. It keeps it stimulating in that way.

Q: Tell me a little about your career journey at Keirton?

Jazzmin Cunningham: When I came in at Keirton, I think my title might have been Accounting Assistant, and now I’m Director of Finance. So tons of opportunities for growth. Within my first months at Keirton a new position became available and I was able to take it on, excel and then grow in that. Then a few years later there was another opportunity available and I was able to take that and excel and then grow again. It’s been consistent growth as I grew in my career and abilities at one company. I can see myself in 5 years at Keirton because I know there will be more opportunities. I know I’m not going to hit a ceiling at Keirton.

Q: What is the most important thing that Keirton helps you accomplish?

Jazzmin Cunningham: I enjoy being challenged, 100% and I get that here. I have a strong drive and ambition and that is kept filled at Keirton. I also enjoy my co-workers. It’s great to be challenged but if you don’t enjoy where you’re working, it feels draining. At Keirton we have times that are hard but you have a team that is working along with you, with energy and encouragement. When we get through those times we’ll celebrate together as a group.

Q: If there’s a message that you were to pass on to a potential candidate, what would that be?

Jazzmin Cunningham: If you want to do the same thing every day, this is not the company for you. If you want to grow and try new things while you’re doing it, this will be a great fit.


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