Q: Thinking back at the time when you joined Keirton, what is it that made you interested in the company?

Matt Campbell: I was interested in the industry, in the growth of the Industry. That alone was enough to make me want to work at Keirton. The opportunity to build something from the ground up. This was a new warehouse that was starting up and I got to come in from the beginning and help build it. I love building things. Third, I think, the culture of the company itself. I’ll never forget my first time walking through the door up there in Canada and just feeling at home right away. It didn’t feel stuffy, it felt welcoming and warm. People looked like they were having a good time. It was a very welcoming environment.

Q: So you’ve been with us for about three years. Tell us about your professional journey? How was it?

Matt Campbell: Overall positive, I don’t want to use the word aggressive but my growth has been very aggressive. I started off as a warehouse coordinator, and within a month I was a warehouse supervisor and in six months I was a warehouse and production supervisor and then manager and then supply chain manager. 5 different positions over three years. I couldn’t, looking back, predict that this is where I would have been three years ago. I’ve learned a ton from upper management and employees, my coworkers. All that has helped me grow. Maybe not aggressive, maybe it’s rapid. I was able to take it in and absorb it and use it. That’s been really incredible. 

Q: What would you say is your favourite thing about working in the warehouse?

Matt Campbell: My favourite thing is the laid back atmosphere. Not that office is stuffy or anything like that. Things are just a little more laid back, we joke around. I mean you can do that anywhere, it just feels a little more laid back. I tend to enjoy the people that gravitate towards the warehouse. I like things well organized and outlined and laid out in a good flow. Those are things I really appreciate.

Q: What would you say is your team’s biggest achievement this year?

Matt Campbell: Year after year it seems like it gets bigger and bigger. Our biggest achievement this year would be our 6-month inventory pull in. That was a huge challenge, it took hiring new people. It took patience on behalf of the people who were here that had to wait on people to come in and help with it. Everybody came together and we did it. We got a massive amount of work done, and I think it’s incredible. As a whole, the production start-up year we had T4, and now T2, T6, Batch One. That’s incredible, in three years we’ve done that. We couldn’t have done that without Katie being brought on board and without the production team that we have. That is the top! The number of machines and accessories we’re putting out, it’s incredible. 

Q: If there’s a message that you were to pass on to a potential candidate interested in joining the manufacturing team, in Canada or in the US, what would that be?

Matt Campbell:  Learn the process first and don’t be afraid to bring your fresh ideas to the table. Every new person that comes through that door has something that they can bring to the table. We want to hear it, we want to hear the ideas.


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