Q: Thinking back at the time when you joined Keirton, what is it that made you interested in the company?

Paul Scott: It was where this industry was going that attracted me. It was new and young, from what I could tell it was only going to keep growing. I thought that would be a very good spot to get in at that time. It’s proven to be expanding rapidly and I can only see more growth potential from here. That’s what intrigued me.

Q: So you’ve been with us for about how many years?

Paul Scott:: Three at the end of July

Q: Tell us a little bit about your journey here.

Paul Scott: I started out on the production team. We were building the T6 at that point. Since then I’ve seen 4 new products come out. So it speaks to the growth that I was talking about earlier. I started in production and became the production lead about 6 months after I started here. From there, I wanted to do a bit more about working with the other machines and be customer-facing. So I put feelers out there to help with the technical support side of things. It’s been almost two years now, in that department, with new things to come.

Q: Tell me something exciting about your time in the production team.

Paul Scott: I think probably one of the exciting things that happened was when the LIFT & Co came to Vancouver. I put it out there that I would like to come and help set up for it. That weekend has really sparked my excitement about being customer-facing and got me really excited about the industry because it showed me just how big it was. I’d say that was the most exciting thing because it led to a lot of other cool things in the company, a trade show, a new position. That was probably the coolest thing.

Q: How is it to work in customer success? What does customer success mean to you?

Paul Scott: Customer success means basically setting the customer up for success. We will work with the customer pre-purchase, post-purchase and through the life span of their trimmers. However long they use them, to get the most success possible out of our trimmers. That means being available for calls, responding in a timely manner.

Q: What would you say you like the most here at Keirton?

Paul Scott: I would say the culture. You spend almost more time at work than you do at home. You need to enjoy not only the work but your surroundings. Every day coming in here, it’s a good vibe from everybody. Everybody seems to get along and it’s fun being in the office. I feed off the energy from the people around me and it’s nothing but good stuff here.

Q: If there’s a message that you were to pass on to anyone that’s interested in joining Keirton, what would that be?

Paul Scott: I would highly recommend it. I feel nothing but support from managers, the owner, and the leadership team to get you on the right track to where you want to be. If you’re willing to put in the work for it. It’s exciting! It’s nice to get that. At other jobs, you don’t get that connection but here the owner is hands-on and very involved and it shows in the employees.


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